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The Christian Comics International (CCI) website was created and launched by Nate Butler in 1996, when Christian Comics & Games Magazine (CC&G) ceased publication.

CCI was the first and most complete site of its kind on the Internet.

Previously, Nate had also launched the Christian Comics Catalog (CCC) in 1993.

Nate's original goal was to find ways to use comics to spread the Gospel, so in 1996 he also co-founded the training ministry, COMIX35 (ROX35 Media, Inc).

For over 20 years The Lord used COMIX35 to teach Christians around the world to create their own evangelistic stories and messages, in their own languages, as part of an evangelism strategy and/or discipleship program for their own people.

COMIX35 also administered the CCI and CCC websites during those years by special arrangement with Nate Butler. During that time the CCI site, particularly the Pioneers pages, was greatly expanded through the diligent research of Alec Stevens.

Nate is retiring from COMIX35 at the end of 2019, but his commitment to the "visual storytelling" media of comics remains. He has resumed control of the CCI and CCC websites.

Lord willing, Nate hopes to expand on sections that he has not had time to develop before.

Nate Butler

Nate Butler

Nate made his living for more than 20 years as a cartoonist, commercial artist, and writer/illustrator of comics before going into full-time ministry in 1999. His company The Nate Butler Studio, Inc. produced artwork for clients such as Jim Henson Productions, Weekly Reader, Children's Television Workshop, DC Comics, and King Features Syndicate, as well as script writing for Modern Publishing, Archie Comics, and Marvel Comics.

Nate worked on over a dozen internationally known characters such as The Muppets, Jughead, Popeye, Heathcliff, Bugs Bunny, Tiny Toons, Mighty Mouse, Rocky & Bullwinkle, Snuffy Smith, Animated Batman, The Jetsons, Berenstain Bears, Tom & Jerry, and more.

He was creator/editor/publisher of the Christian Comics Catalog, and he co-wrote and packaged the Christian comics Aida-Zee, Paro-Dee, Behold 3-D, The Truth For Youth Bible comics, the George South tracts, and the Yun: The Illustrated Story of the Heavenly Man graphic novel.

Nate was a co-founder of the COMIX35 Christian comics training ministry and served as a coach, consultant, and instructor at COMIX35 seminars from 1996 until 2019. He worked with top organizations such as New Life Ministries Japan, NEXTmanga, Mission Emmanuel in Ukraine, Misión Latinoamericana de México (MilaMex)‚ Centre de Publications Evangeliques in Ivory Coast, Pilgrim International in Australia, United Bible Societies, and Magazine Training International.

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Alec Stevens

Alec Stevens

Alec Stevens began his career in 1985 as an illustrator (for the New York Times Book Review, the New Yorker magazine, Reader's Digest Corp., AT&T, United Features Syndicate, etc.) and artist-writer in comics (Fantagraphics Books, DC Comics imprints Piranha Press, Paradox Press, & Vertigo, Fantagraphics Books, Dark Horse Comics, etc.).

Since 1992 he has served as an instructor at the Kubert School in Dover, New Jersey, USA. Many of his former students (such as Sergio Cariello, artist of the Action Bible) are notable professionals.

A dedicated Christian since 1989, Alec subsequently illustrated for several Christian book and magazine publishers before embarking on his own Calvary Comics imprint in April, 2000.

Alec is a major researcher, writer, and contributor to the Christian Comics International website, particularly in the Pioneers section.

Contacting Us

Before writing with questions about Christian comics, please check our Frequently Asked Questions/FAQ, as you may find your answers there.

For other Questions or to report Website Issues, please write to:

For inquiries via postal mail, please use this address:

Nate Butler
Christian Comic International
PO Box 131465
Spring, TX
77393-1465 USA

Please note: We will respond to inquiries as quickly as we can, when we are able to do so, but we apologize in advance that the volume of e-mail we receive currently makes it impossible to answer every inquiry with a personal reply. Thank you for your understanding.

Launched in 1996, the CCI website is the internet's Original, Longest- Running, and Most Complete Online Guide of its kind.
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