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Answers to YOUR Most Frequently Asked Questions about Christian Comics

People are still most interested in the availability of Bible Comics.

Our Answer:

To find almost all of the available Bible comics currently in print, all in one place, including Bible story adaptations, please go to our Christian Comics Catalog.

We also get questions about Comics in Languages other than English.

Our Answer:

Most of the major Christian comics graphic novels in the market now are available in multiple languages including the Action Bible, the Manga Messiah series, and the Kingstone Comics titles. These are all available through the Christian Comics Catalog online.

The "He Lived Among Us" comic is available in 40 languages, including RUSSIAN, CHINESE, and ARABIC.

Cartoon tracts in other languages are listed below.

Yes, we really still receive inquiries about the original print version of the Christian Comics Catalog or requests for a print copy of the latest edition.

Our Answer:

The Christian Comics Catalog was created and published originally by The Nate Butler Studio, Inc. It was produced in a printed format from 1993 through 1995 (as an independent publication) and then appeared in Christian Comics & Games Magazine. After that it was an on-line catalog only until early 1998 when the studio's catalog division ceased business operations.

Some confusion was created (apparently) by an advertising reply card for the catalog which appeared in the "Christian Crusader" paperbacks. The Christian Comics Catalog and The Nate Butler Studio, Inc. had no official connection with CC Comics or the "Christian Crusader" comics series. Those reply cards were independent advertising.

In February, 1999 The Nate Butler Studio, Inc. itself closed down when Nate Butler went into full-time ministry, leading international comics seminars for COMIX35. At that time the studio's former email addresses (including the one which appears on the "Christian Crusader" reply cards) were assumed by COMIX35, which hosted this Christian Comics International (CCI) web site for over 20 years.

Now the Christian Comics Catalog is once again operated by Nate Butler, solely as an on-line version in association with the website. It has most of the comics which used to appear in the old catalog and many more.

No, we don't actually receive questions about the old Christian Comics & Games Magazine anymore, but here's our old reply to that former question.

Our Answer:

Christian Comics & Games Magazine (CC&G) is not being published as a print magazine currently. The original print version of CC&G was produced by the Aida-Zee Christian Comics & Magazines division of The Nate Butler Studio, Inc., which ceased business operations in early 1999, and Bible Games Company. The magazine was replaced by this Christian Comics International (CCI) web site in 1996. The CCI site was maintained as a ministry service by COMIX35 for over 20 years, but is now operated again by Nate Butler

Only 2 issues of Christian Comics & Games Magazine were ever released, but these were numbered as #0 and #1, not #1 and #2. This has caused some confusion about the existence of an "Issue #2."

Also, in exchange for an advertisement in issue #1, the "Christian Link" website created a CC&G Magazine web presence in 1996. They listed promotional copy for an issue #2 which was never published. This has contributed to confusion about the "second issue."

People ask about finding comics collaborators, how to get Christian comics published or distributed or syndicated, and/or about resources or CLASSES for Christian comics creators.

Our Answer:

Kingstone Comics is the primary publisher of multiple new Christian comics titles at this time.

As far as we know at this time, there are no professional comic strip syndicates or comic book distributors in existence which handle Christian material exclusively or specifically.

(A CCI web visitor named Trudy McConnell says there is an online Christian syndicate named Churchmouse Publications.)

Young or amateur Christian comics creators should work to develop their skills fully before submitting their work to professional publishers or before attempting to self-publish. The Christian Comic Arts Society publishes an APA (Amateur Press Association) publication called "Alpha-Omega" which provides a place for such development. Contact them (through their website) either about joining or for help in setting up an APA publication in your own country.

With the Internet and print-on-demand, the opportunities for webcomics and self-publishing allow for greater exposure – while retaining the copyrights to your own work – than ever before. We encourage mature Christians to pursue their own comics publishing plans through these means as the Lord blesses and directs your endeavors.

COMIX35, which used to host this CCI site, is primarily a Christian comics coaching and consulting ministry, not a Christian comics publisher or distributor.

We receive inquiries about how to find or purchase the Spire/Barbour Christian Comics by Al Hartley.

Our Answer:

The old Christian Spire/Barbour titles are currently out-of-print, but most of them can be purchased through eBay auctions and stores.

Some sellers list these titles as "rare," but very few of them actually are, and they can be found quite regularly on eBay. Often the prices can get bid up too high on individual books, but if you're patient and keep checking, you can purchase many of these old Al Hartley books for a very decent price.

Click here for a list of all known Spire/Barbour Christian comics titles by Al Hartley.

Click here for our in-depth biography of Al Hartley.

While many people are aware of "Chick Tracts," they want to know where to find additional sources of Comics and Cartoon-style tracts that they can use for evangelism.

Our Answer:

Try these US tract publishers and producers:

Ron Wheeler/Cartoonworks

Literature Ministries International in the USA has several cartoon and comic book-style tracts including Escape the Trap!, Do You Know How to Get to Heaven from Here? (in Arabic), and Betrayed!, a mini "super-comic" using the "transforming robots" concept popular with pre-teen and early teenage boys.

These publishers also have some cartoon tracts:

Good News Publishing (in USA)
Christian Publicity Organisation (in England)

The World-Best Tract site has cartoon tracts in Korean.

Dave Roever Ministry's "Marvel Comics style" tract "The Dave Roever Story" is now available through Calvary Comics.

Cartoonist Cedric Hohnstadt has created an 8-page Gospel tract that is copyright free and may be downloaded, printed and distributed in English, Danish, French (Canadian), Indonesian, Japanese, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, and Tagalog.

The J3:16 site has free downloadable tracts in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French.

Some people have asked specifically about the old Good News Underground comic tracts. The brother who created them, Christian Comics Pioneer Steve Gregg, has some of them available for free downloading on his "Narrow path" website.

People want to know where they can find Christian Cartoon Clip Art and Free Cartoons.

Our Answer:

Christian Comics Pioneer Ron Wheeler of CartoonWorks is the only person we know who does professional-quality Christian cartoon clip art, but they are not free. Click here to see Ron's Image Vault, a subscription-based clip art archive of more than 14,000 of Wheeler's cartoons spanning over 15 years of his work.

(A CCI web visitor named Troy has recommended this cartoon site as another possibility.)

We receive inquiries about the old "Tullus" comics.

Our Answer:

You can click here for the information we have on the "Tullus" comic.

In addition, a feature on Joseph Hughes Newton, creator of Tullus, ran in Christian Comics & Games Magazine #1. It was written by Tullus fan and historian, the late Prof. Irvin H. Ziemann.

And finally, people ask for information about Christian comics that are available currently.

Our Answer:

Kingstone Comics is the primary publisher of multiple new Christian comics titles at this time.

Our Christian Comics Catalog site lists many Christian comics which you can buy online today.

Some additional current comics information may be found posted on our CCI Facebook page.

Launched in 1996, the CCI website is the internet's Original, Longest- Running, and Most Complete Online Guide of its kind.
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