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Notable Publishers of Christian Comics
This is not an exhaustive list of every single Christian comics publisher worldwide. It is a list of known professional ministries and organizations whose comics are deemed to be significant for the quality or quantity of individual titles they produced or for other historical, artistic, cultural, or circulation reasons.



American Bible Society

See "Bible Societies"

Australian Bible Society

See "Bible Societies"


Barbour Publishing

Uhrichsville, OH USA
Published comics titles include:

• Barbour (originally Spire) Christian Comics series (59 titles / 1981-1989)
Tell It on the Mountain (1988)
Comic Book Bible (1995)
• Original "Serenity" series (6 issues / 2005-
Goofyfoot Gurl (1 issue / 2006)

Beacon Hill Press

Kansas City USA
Published comics titles include:

"Jeremiah" series (1 comic, 4 books)
Adventures of Jeremiah, The (1983)
Help! I'm Late for School and I Can't Get up!
I Wouldn't Be So Tempted If Temptation Wasn't
So Tempting!
Love & Dating & Other Natural Disasters (1993)

Nazarene Publishing House, parent company of Beacon Hill Press, shut down in 2014.

B&H Publishing / B&H Espanol

Nashville, TN USA

Published comics titles include:

The Lion Graphic Bible (1st USA version / 1998)
Angeles series (3 graphic novels / 2002, 2003)
Dejados Atras series (Left Behind, Spanish Edition)
Spirit Warriors (2 issues / 2006, 2007)

Parent organization is LifeWay Christian Resources.

Bible Societies
Published comics titles include:

American Bible Society
---El Mesías Historietas Manga - Manga Messiah Spanish edition
---La Historia de David
---The Story of Jeremiah
Bible Society of Australia
---Jesus (comic & tract / 2009)
British and Foreign Bible Society
---Jesus the Galilean
---Jesus the Victor
Bible Society of Burma
---Samson and Deliah
Bible Society of India
---Master of Everything
---Prince of peace... for all
Danish Bible Society
---Son of Man (Graphic novel /1995)
Deutsche Bibelgesellschaft (German Bible Society)
---Jesus der Galiläer (2 part graphic novel / 1992)
---David und Saul, David und Sohn
---Adam, Eva und Co.
United Bible Societies (UBS)
---"Heroes of the Faith" series (13+ titles / 1982-?)

Bible Society of Australia

See "Bible Societies"

Bible Society of Burma

See "Bible Societies"

Bible Society of India

See "Bible Societies"

Broadman & Holman

See "B&H Publishing"


Calvary Comics

Dover, NJ USA
Published comics titles include:

Glory to God (2 comic book issues / 2000, 2001)
Sadhu Sundar Singh (Graphic novel / 2006)
Erlo Stegen & Revival Among the Zulus (Graphic novel /
Glory to God (Anthology graphic novel / 2009)
Clendennen: Soldier of the Cross (Graphic novel / 2010)
Marx, Lenin, Mao & Christ (Graphic novel / 2010)
Hallelujah (Anthology graphic novel / 2016)
Hosanna in the Highest (Anthology graphic novel / 2019)

Chick Publications

Rancho Cucamonga, CA USA
Published comics titles include:

Chick Tracts (140 titles /1962-present)
The Crusaders (15 issues / 1974-2016)
Alberto (6 issue sub-series / 1979)
King of Kings (1980)
The Big Betrayal (1981)

Concordia Publishing House

St. Louis, MO USA
Published comics titles include:

Bible Stories in Pictures series (comic leaflets /
People with a Message (1980)
Bible Stories in Pictures (book / 2000, 2001, 2004)
Luther: Echoes of the Hammer (2011)

Parent organization: Lutheran Church Missouri Synod

CPO (Christian Publicity Organisation)

Worthing, UK
Published comics titles include:

PLUS (comic paper series, merged in 2000 with
Eagles Wings / 1966-present*)
The Man Who Changed the World (1st published as
4 separate tracts /1983-1985)
The Day that Changed the World
Zero Hour
Follow Me
Action Man
Hellbent (1985)
Nightmare in Bangkok (1985)
Out of My Darkness (1985)
Bullets & Beads (1985)

PLUS/Eagles Wings now published by Hayes Press


David C Cook

Colorado Springs, CO USA
Published comics titles include:

PIX (Sunday PIX, Bible-in-Life Pix) (Sunday school paper / 1949-present)
Tullus and the Ransom Gold (1974)
Tullus in the Deadly Whirlpool (1974)
New Testament Picture Bible, The (1978)
The Picture Bible (1979)
Tullus and the Dark City (1993)
Tullus and the Monsters of the Deep (1993)
The Action Bible (2009)
The Battle Begins (2014)

Deutsche Bibelgesellschaft (German Bible Society)

See "Bible Societies"


Editions LLB

See "Ligue pour la Lecture de la Bible"

Editorial Vida

See "Zondervan"



German Bible Society (Deutsche Bibelgesellschaft)

See "Bible Societies"

Gospel Light

Published comics titles include:

Everybody's Somebody (1977)
Diabolus Seeks Revenge (1982)
Wilbur, Master of the Rats (1983
Micro Mini Messages (1994)

Regal bought by Baker Books in 2014
Gospel Light bought by
David C Cook in 2015



ICI (International Correspondence Institute)

Associated with the U.S. Assemblies of God (AoG)
Published comics titles include:

David (1988)
Gideon (1989)
Esther (1990)
The Christmas Story (1990)

Intervarsity Press

Westmont, IL USA
Published comics & cartoon books include:

The Universe Upstairs (Published by IVP's Frameworks
imprint in UK
Faith In Orbit: A Spaced Odyssey (1995)
• "Dr. Doctrine's Christian Comix" series (4 issues /
on the Word of God
on the Christian Life
on the Trinity
on Biblical Images
What's Darwin Got To Do With It? (2000)

Parent organization is InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.




Leesburg, FL USA
Published comics titles include:

Beginning, The (2007)
Incarnation (2007)
Exodus (2009)
Elijah (2009)
Noah (2009)
Moses (2009)
Last Convert of John Harper, The (2009)
Beauty Queen: The Story of Esther (2010)
Samson (2010)
Jonah (2011)
David (2 books / 2011-12)
• "101 Questions About the Bible and Christianity" series (5 books / 2011-13)
Joshua (2012)
Christ, The (2012)
Martyrs, The (2012)
Book of God: How We Got the Bible (2012)
Pilgrim's Progress (2 books / 2012)
Vladimir: Prince of Russia (2012)
Eternity (2013)
Peter (2014)
Lamb and the Führer, The (2014)
Job (2014)
Luther (with Faith Inkubators / 2016)
Kingstone Bible Trilogy, The (2016)
Voices of the Martyrs (2017)
Help Me Say Goodbye (2017)
Perpetua (2019)


Ligue pour la Lecture de la Bible / Editions LLB

Valence, FRANCE
Published comics titles include:

Tournesol Magazine (1960-present)
• "Marc Alban" series (2 titles / 1979, 1983)
Poursuite dans la ville (Pursuit in the City)
Menace sur les maurieres (Threat on
Terres glacées ("Frozen Ground" / 1992)
Inis: le prix de la paix ("Inis: The Price of Peace" /
L'évangile en Chine avec Portes Ouvertes ("The
Gospel in China with Open Doors" / 2000)

Lion Publishing / Monarch / Lion Hudson

Oxford, UK

Published comics titles include:

• "Legends of Larian" series
Shadow's Edge, The (1992)
Cutting Edge, The (1992)
The Lion Graphic Bible (1998)
Messiah (NT version of above / 2000)
Conventional Wisdom (Monarch / 2006)
White Devil: The Life and Legend of
Hudson Taylor
(Monarch-OMF / 2006)
Yun: The Illustrated Story of the Heavenly Man
(Monarch / 2006)
The Lion Comic Book Hero Bible (2015)

Now publishing as Lion Hudson:
Lion Hudson Limited is owned by the AFD Group.



See "Lion Publishing"


New Life Ministries / NextManga

Hatoyama, JAPAN

Seattle, WA USA

Published comics titles include:

Tengoku No Nyuusukyasuta ("Heaven's Newscaster" / Published 1990 or 91)
Subarashiki Jinsei ("A Wonderful Life" /
Published 1990 or 91)
Hikari Nifurerarete ("Touched by the Light" /
Published 1990 or 91)
Fukemon ("The Fool" / 2001)
Master Key (2002)
Master Key 2 (2003)
Small Life (2003)
Way to Go, Pastor! (or "Viva, Pastor!" / 2003)
Manga Messiah (2006)
Manga Metamorphosis (2008)
Messiah, The (2009)
Manga Mutiny (2009)
Manga Melech (2010)
Manga Messengers (2010)
Manga Majesty (2019)

New Life Ministries also known as Sinsei Undou, Shinsei Senkyodan, and New Life League


Oral Roberts Evangelistic Association

Tulsa, OK USA
Published comics titles include:

Oral Roberts' True Stories series (19 issues /
Oral Roberts' Junior Partners series (29 issues /


Paul White Productions

Published comics titles include:

"Jungle Doctor series" (12 titles / 1975, 1981)
• "Polar Parables series" (3 titles / 1988)

Powermark Productions / Light for the Lost

Springfield, MO USA

Associated with the U.S. Assemblies of God (AoG)
Published comics titles include:

• "PowerMark" series (24 issues /
• "Powermark Seeker Series" (10 issues /


Regal Books

See "Gospel Light"

Renewal Resources

Published comics titles include:

Basic Faith and Life Abundant (2 Graphic Novels / 1997,1998)
A Short History of Christianity: 10 Decisive Moments (GN / 1999)
Comicsoup series (3 anthology GNs including The Childhood Life /1999, 2000, 2001)
Rotten Theology (2 Graphic Novels / 2000, 2001)

Revival Fires (Tim Todd Ministries)

West Monroe, LA USA
Published comics titles include:

Truth for Youth Bible (editions with comics / 1996-present)
The Truth for Youth Comics (comics from 3rd edition / 1998)
Hairy Polarity and the Sinister Sorcery Satire (2004)
Verdad para Jovenes (2017)


Spire Christian Comics

See "Barbour"

Standard Publishing

Cincinnati, OH USA
Published comics titles include:

Life of Jesus Visualized (1942,1943)
From Bethlehem's Manger to Calling of the Twelve
The Ministry
The Triumphal Entry to the Ascension
The Life of Joseph Visualized (1946)
New Testament Heroes - Acts of Apostles Visualized (1947)
Life of Esther Visualized (1947)
Parables Jesus Told (1947)
Junior Life (comic paper series / 1956-1970)
Life of Christ Visualized, The (1970)
Paul (1975)
Bible Story Cartoons (16 issues / 1976, 1977)

Part of Standard Publishing sold to David C Cook in 2015
Remaining assets now published as Christian Standard Media



See "Oral Roberts"

Tim Todd Ministries

See "Revival Fires"

Tyndale House

Carol Stream, IL USA
Published comics titles include:

Man Who Moved the World, The (1986)
• "COSMICS" series (4 issues / 1987)
Moses, The Man Who Talked to Bushes
Samson, The Kid Who Never Got a Haircut
Joseph, The Kid Whose Dreams Came True
Jesus, The Man With the Miracle Touch
Left Behind (2001)
Tribulation Force (2002)
Manga Bible: New Living Translation (2007)
Manga Messiah (2007)
Manga Metamorphosis (2008)
Manga Mutiny (2009)
Manga Melech (2010)
El Mesías: Historietas Manga (2010)
Manga Messengers (2011)
Metamorfosis: Historietas Manga (2012)
Captain Absolutely: Defending Truth, Justice, and Lots More Truuuth (with Focus on the Family / 2017)
Rebelión: Historietas Manga (2018)
Manga Majesty (2019)



Word of Life Press Ministries

Tokyo, JAPAN
Published comics titles include:

Christian Shinbun Lammy (1970-present)
Manga Seisho Monogatari - Iesu Kirisuto ("Life of
Christ") (1986)
Genesis (1988)
Moses (1990)
Manga Nyuumon Shiriizu ("Manga Introductory Series")
(3 books / 1991)
David & Solomon (1992)
Manga Seisho - Iesusama no Tatoebanashi ("Parables of
Jesus") (1994)
Shinjitatte Naiyanjau ("Even Though You Believe, You
Still Have Questions") (2 books / 1996, 1999)
Ramii Chan no Seisho Jinbutsuden ("Lammy Chan's
Bible Character Collection") (Creation Productions &
WLPM Publishing / 1997)
Chiisana Mon ni Tsuzuku Michi ("Down the Road of the
Narrow Gate") (1997)
Acts/Paul (1998)
Manga Seisho Monogatari ("Manga Bible Story")(1999)
Suteppu Appu (“Step Up”) (2003)
Calling: To Wherever You Send (2004)
Manga History of Christianity: Japan (2006)


Zondervan / Zonderkidz / Editorial Vida

Grand Rapids, MI USA
Published comics titles include:

Centurion, The (1958)
Jesus Loves You (1971)
The Adventures of Brother Biddle: Misguided Escapades of America's Favorite Cartoon Preacher (Paperback / 1990)
Nikhos’ Story (Bilingual, Vida Spanish Edition / 2005)
• "Z Graphic Novel" series (6 titles / 2007-12)
Manga Bible
Son of Samson
Hand of the Morningstar
Kingdoms: A Biblical Epic
Messiah: Origin (2013)

Parent organization is HarperCollins.

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