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Endorsements, Testimonials, and Recommendations
of The Lord's Ministry through Nate Butler, COMIX35,
and Christian Comics International (1993-present)

Proverbs 27:2
"Let another praise you, and not your own mouth;
A stranger, and not your own lips."

Roald Lidal, General Director of New Life League Japan, with COMIX35 President Nate Butler
Roald Lidal, President of NEXTManga
(video endorsement, 2013)

"This project [MANGA MESSIAH series] would probably never have happened if it were not for the invaluable input of Nate Butler. His knowledge of the needs and the potential of a biblically based manga product, as well as his experience and wealth of ideas have been a major reason for the great success of this project. We continue to seek input and advice from him and greatly appreciate the ministry of COMIX35."

-from Roald Lidal, General Director, New Life League JAPAN, January 2010

The Action Bible
Sergio Cariello,
Professional Comics Artist
(video endorsement, 2013)
U-TURN: The Bobby McGee Story
Bobby McGee of
ChristSong Prison Ministry
(video endorsement, 2013)

"I'm so impressed with all that you've done over the years. You're an inspiration to me. I'm hopeful the Lord will lead me to do some materials more directly and clearly about Him - whether that be on the side or even if it means jumping full long into producing Christ-glorifying works. Drawing Spidey can still be fun, and I know He can use me wherever He has me, but I look forward to something new. The Lord bless you, Nate, and may you rest in His perfect mercy, grace, and love."

- from a professional artist in the USA who draws one of the Spider-Man comic book titles, October 2008

Steve Benintendi and others listen to Nate Butler at a comics seminar in the Philippines, 1996
"Nate is an incredible teacher of art and his knowledge of the comic book industry is unrivaled in Christian circles. He is also a tremendous public speaker with an amazing personal testimony of God's grace."

- from Steve Benintendi, a missionary based in MALAYSIA, 1996

"We have had the privilege of having Nate Butler with us for short classes on drawing cartoon tracts and much appreciated his talent and his fellowship. We highly recommend him to others who have a similar burden."

- from the late Jim Blocksom, President of International Chapel Ministries in Ikoma City, JAPAN, August 1996

Nate Butler teaching at Radgowski Correctional Institution, 2000
"Thank you so much for choosing to come to Radgowski Correctional Institution, to bring the workshop and presentations on cartooning and the Christian faith. I was very pleased by the turnout and the responses from the participants. Much more important than any of that was the way in which you showed that faith can be -- in fact, must be -- incorporated into every aspect of our lives together, embodying not only our doctrines and religious practices, but our every gift and ability. By your willingness to come and do something no one else has done (to my knowledge, based on 7 years of professional correctional ministry), you demonstrated the very kind of faith that you seek to help others communicate through the visual arts."

- from Rev. Byron Westbrook, Religious Coordinator/Protestant Chaplain, Connecticut USA, April 2000

Larry Spalink introduces Nate Butler during a manga meeting at Word of Life Press in Japan, 1996
"It is my prayer that Nate can continue to be the catalyst for new efforts in outreach. I am happy to commend Nate to you for your support and to challenge you to catch his vision for a type of outreach which the Lord will surely be pleased to use to reach many for himself."

- from Lawrence Spalink, Church Planter & Field Director, Christian Reformed Mission in JAPAN, June 1996


"I have worked closely with Nate in several countries as we have added shortened versions of his seminars to our program. I have always considered these mini-seminars a valuable addition to whatever courses or conferences we offer. In fact, there is such a strong sense of need for his ministry that some people travel long distances to come just to a one-day seminar on comics ... There is a real need for Nate’s ministry. I am not aware of anyone else offering this kind of training in the Developing World. The COMIX35 ministry deserves to be supported; those talented people in the Developing World deserve to get the training they need in order to communicate the Gospel among their people in a way that it can be understood and received."

- from Sharon Mumper, President of Magazine Training International, February 2010

"I have always enjoyed interacting with you personally on your several visits to Hong Kong, brainstorming about how to reach this generation more effectively through media of various types. Your positive attitude and faith-filled approach have always been a rich blessing and encouragement to me personally ... Your commitment to raising up local talent to help finish the Great Commission is right on target, coming, I believe, from the heart of God! May God continue to bless and strengthen you to 'possess the land' He has burdened you to take for Him!"

from Neville Chamberlain, HONG KONG, February 2010
Hong Kong

"I recommend Nate and his ministry to God's people who have the burden to reach out to the lost with this creative art of comics. May the Lord bless hundredfold with his teaching & training."

- from Pastor Fred Hsu of Harvest International Center in New Jersey USA, June 2000

"You have a powerful ministry and I am grateful for the opportunity you offer new talent. I wish there had been a venue like yours when I was a young man starting out. You are helping an untold number of artists and writers reach the world with the message of Christ."

- from a professional freelance cartoonist living and working in Tennessee USA, December 2008

"I consider your ministry one of the best resources available in this effort -- you put this idealistic vision in tangible, saddle-stitched, 4-color, sepia-toned, and black & white terms! Thanks again and Psalm 115:1!"

- from Tim Stark, Youth Minister, First Christian Church, Illinois USA, June 1993

"You are an inspiration to me! Thanks for the encouragement."

- from a US missionary in CHINA using artwork as part of his outreach efforts, October 2008

Alec Stevens teaching at the COMIX35 seminar in Delaware USA, 2005

"I was just thinking the other day, imagining what a hole there'd be in Christian comics without you, without the COMIX35 and CCI sites. I truly mean this; no 'kissing up' here. You really are so invaluable in this very special field of ministry. Many others have already thrown in the towel when, if they had only prayed and remained in prayer until receiving the Lord's counsel, they might be bearing good fruit ... You are greatly beloved and of great value to this part of the kingdom, Nate!"

- from Alec Stevens, Christian comic artist/writer and Joe Kubert School instructor, New Jersey USA, November 2009

The TTFY Bible contains the entire New Testament along with 100 pages of full-color comics about issues such as evolution, abortion, homosexuality, pornography, and witchcraft, all told from a Biblical perspective.

"Nate Butler has sacrificially given so much of his life to The Lord's work in such an effective way. The Truth for Youth comic stories Nate developed for our ministry are absolutely powerful and making an eternal impact in the lives of young people all over the world. I greatly appreciate his dedication to the Lord and to his family."

- from Dr. Tim Todd, President, Revival Fires International, September 2010

George South passes out his comic tract 'Who Are YOU Wrestling Against?' developed and written by Nate Butler
"Those 3 comic tracts you developed for me have been all over the world, from major wrestling arenas to the smallest high school gyms! For over 10 years I have shared over 100 tracts a week, the total number is one that only Jesus knows! Most schools won't let me say a word about my Savior, but I can sure share my tracts! Giving one to 'Hulk Hogan' many years ago will always be a highlight for me. God bless you, Nate."

- from professional wrestler George South in the USA, July 2010

"Nate is a gifted artist, writer, and editor. Though his gifts are outstanding, his concern for the lost, his love of God's word and his faithful obedient approach to ministry are far more important. Nate Butler has demonstrated both his commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ, and a refusal to compromise the gift God has given him. Nate has chosen to communicate the challenges of the Gospel in a refreshing way."

- from Gino Geraci, pastor of a Calvary Chapel in Colorado USA, February 1994

"This Christian Comics International site is so good – I am always impressed by the creativity. You are amazing!"

- from a staff member of a South Asian outreach ministry based in the USA, March 2009

Launched in 1996, the CCI website is the internet's Original, Longest- Running, and Most Complete Online Guide of its kind.
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