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A 10/40 Window map graphic from the AD2000 web site
COMICS are no laughing matter in The 10/40 Window

No Laughing Matter in
The 10/40 Window

What are people reading in
The 10/40 Window?

COMICS are what people are reading in The 10/40 Window

An Egyptian football comic book
"The Humorist" comic magazine from China
A popular Korean manwha comic book
Pedang Setiawan comic book from Malaysia
Taiwan comic by cartoonist Ronald Chu

In Cambodia, China, Egypt, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Japan, South Korea, Lebanon, Myanmar (Burma), the Philippines, Portugal, Taiwan, Thailand - and other countries throughout the Middle East, Africa, and Asia - over a billion people read billions of COMICS every year.

Missions, literature ministries, and Christian nationals can reach these huge, ready-made audiences in The 10/40 Window with COMICS.

COMICS can be produced to fit specific cultures can be produced (or adapted) locally to fit specific people groups or age groups...
COMICS are excellent outreach and teaching tools are excellent outreach and teaching tools, communicating Gospel truths with the uniquely understandable "one-two" combination of graphics and text...
COMICS are accessible, portable, reviewable are an ideal "lo-tech" ministry tool - accessible, portable, reviewable - and relatively inexpensive when compared with other forms of media outreach.

In most areas of The 10/40 Window, to omit COMICS from a ministry outreach strategy is to overlook the most popular street-level literature read by the masses.

Dragon Man comic from Hong Kong
Mahasanook, one of the 2 top selling Thai comic book titles
The Arabic comics magazine Basim
A title from the Amar Chitra Katha comic book series in India
A typical Cambodian comic book

* What is The 10/40 Window?

3.1 billion people, 37 of the world's 50 least evangelized countries, and 95% of unreached people groups (with no nationally led, viable, reproducing church) are located in an area of the world called The 10/40 Window, which extends from West Africa to East Asia, from 10 degrees north to 40 degrees north of the equator. Often called "The Resistant Belt", this region encompasses the majority (2.7 billion) of the world's Muslims, Hindus, and Buddhists. It also includes the 1.2 billion inhabitants of China, an area of huge need and strategic value. Two-thirds of those in The 10/40 window - two billion people - have never heard of Jesus Christ, at least not as Savior.

(Most of these facts, and the 10/40 map graphic, are from the AD2000 web site, and are used with permission. Some additional information from the Eternal Perspectives Ministry web page. Please visit these online resources for more about The 10/40 Window.)

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