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Part of the P.I.C.S. PROJECTS Initiative
Where the Project is now:
Tracts BY Inmates, FOR Inmates
Where the Project began:
A Special Tract FOR Inmates

COMIX35 launched this project in 2008 to develop personal testimony tracts (mini-comics) written and drawn BY inmates, FOR inmates, in their own authentic cultural voice, as an outreach to the "captive audience" of their fellow prisoners, to juvenile offenders, and to at-risk youth on the outside.

Our visits to various facilities had showed us there were several issues that needed to be addressed in order to place these comics into the widest possible number of prisons, jails, and correctional institutions across the country:

Tracts written and drawn BY inmates, FOR inmates
Expressed Concern from Institution
Our Solution
Staples COMIX35 tracts are produced without staples.
Color printing ink used for tattooing COMIX35 tracts are printed in b&w to prevent inmates from scraping off the color ink to create tattoo ink.
Thinner, uncoated paper stocks used to roll illegal cigarettes COMIX35 tracts are printed on enamel (coated) paper stocks.
Hidden or coded messages in the dialogue and/or captions of the scripts COMIX35 edits all scripts in a way that preserves the authentic tone of the inmate's writing but greatly reduces the possibility of such messages.
Concealed messages within the detail of the artwork Inmates submit their work in pencil so that a Christian comics professional can do the finished inking (going over the pencil lines using a pen or brush.) Not only does this make them camera-ready before printing, it also eliminates the possibility of concealed messages in the art detail.

In addition to addressing the concerns listed above as noted, we want all prison ministry workers and chaplains to know that we use only Christian inmates to produce the scripts and pencil artwork for these tracts.

Finally, we continue to seek The Lord's guidance as well as advice and counsel from our partnering ministries in OSL (Operation Starting Line) and COPE (Coalition of Prison Evangelists) on the subject selection, production and distribution of all tracts.

Where the Project is now: Tracts BY Inmates, FOR Inmates
Cover of "U-Turn: The Bobby McGee Story"

(Finished cover/page 1 artwork for
"U-TURN: The Bobby McGee Story"
© COMIX35 and ChristSong Prison Ministry)

ChristSong Prison Ministry

Cover of "Face the Music: The Manny Mill Story"

(Finished cover/page 1 artwork for
"FACE THE MUSIC: The Manny Mill Story"
© COMIX35 and Koinonia House® National Ministries, Inc.)

Koinonia House® National Ministries, Inc.
Available tracts
How to get these tracts
Inmate submissions

Currently, selected Christian inmates are being assisted in the creation of 7-page mini-comics of their own (or a former offender's) personal testimony. These new tracts are in various stages of development.

Available tracts

U-TURN: THE BOBBY McGEE STORY, produced in partnership with ChristSong Prison Ministry (see left). The story adaptation and pencil artwork of Bobby's testimony have been produced by a prison inmate. Finished inking is by professional Bruce Bezaire, the artist for the Dan Red Eagle Christian comics series.

FACE THE MUSIC: THE MANNY MILL STORY, created with special permission of Moody Publishers from Radical Redemption: The Real Story of Manny Mill by Manny Mill of Koinonia House® National Ministries, Inc. (see below, left). The story adaptation and pencil layouts were produced by a prison inmate. Finished inking is by professional political cartoonist and comic book artist Montos from Cuba. There is also a Spanish version of this tract entitled PASO AL FRENTE: LA HISTORIA DE MANNY MILL.

How to get these tracts

All chaplains and inmates are eligible to receive a free sample of these printed mini-comic by postal mail. Please send your request to us by postal mail or electronically. (Chaplains: If you send your request via e-mail, please be sure to identify yourself as a Chaplain and include the name and address of the prison where you work.)

After receiving and reviewing the samples, chaplains may request 25 to 50 additional free copies of the tract for distribution within their prison or local community (Comics are in packets of 25 copies each).

If you are not a chaplain or inmate and you would like to receive one free sample mini-comic, please send a stamped, self-addressed #10 envelope to our postal address below.

Also, anyone can purchase these tracts through COMIX35.

Inmate submissions

After reviewing the sample mini-comics, chaplains are invited to recommend Christian inmates and submit examples of their drawing and storytelling abilities either by postal mail or electronically. (Other prison ministry workers or family members may also help identify Christian inmates who are good artists and storytellers, but inmate submissions accompanied by a recommendation letter from a chaplain will receive first consideration.)

Christian comics professionals will review all inmate samples and recommendations. If an inmate is selected, one or more volunteer comics consultants may offer advice and instruction on producing or refining their own 7-page mini-comic. When and where possible, arrangements may be made with the chaplain for a volunteer comics consultant to meet with selected inmates in-person. Otherwise the inmate may be assisted via correspondence.

Selected inmates will produce all finished comic pages in pencil only. A Christian comics professional will ink and letter the comic to prepare it for reproduction, just like the comics featured above. COMIX35 will print the finished mini-comics.

If their facility's rules permit it, the selected inmates will receive at least 1 copy of their printed mini-comic (more, if rules permit it). They will also receive a special Christian Comics Collection containing 1 copy each of 12 different Christian comic books and graphic novels (again, if rules permit it).

Upon request, the recommending chaplain may receive up to 2000 copies of the printed mini-comic for distribution within their facility and/or the local community.

Additional copies of the selected inmates' mini-comics may be distributed in prisons across the US, to families of prisoners, and/or to at-risk youth, through other channels including partnering ministries in the Operation Starting Line collaboration and COPE (Coalition of Prison Evangelists).

You can support The LORD's work through COMIX35 in US prisons!
Please send us a donation now using GiveDirect:

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Thank you for your partnership with us in this ministry to US prison inmates!

(When you give, please be sure to let us know your donation is
being designated for this specific purpose. Thank you!)

Where the Project began: A Special Tract FOR Inmates
To launch this project, COMIX35 teamed with Crosswind Comics to produce a special 7-page, black & white mini-comic entitled HEART OF STONE: THE BILL CORUM STORY, based on the life of an ex-offender who currently works in prisons.

The artwork was produced by professional Frank Fosco, a Christian comics veteran.

This printed mini-comic served as a guide (size and format) for the first inmates to produce the new comics featured above.

All chaplains are eligible to receive 100 free copies of this mini-comic by postal mail for distribution within their prison or local community (Comics are in packets of 25 copies each). Please send your request to us by postal mail or electronically.

(Chaplains: If you send your request via e-mail, please be sure to identify yourself as a Chaplain and include the name and address of the prison where you work.)

This tract will not be reprinted, and currently all remaining copies are being sold below cost, so chaplains wishing to obtain their 100 free copies should contact us immediately.

(Please note that the address on the back of this first tract, "PO Box 4458, Albuquerque, NM 87196-4458" is no longer a current or correct address for COMIX35, and mail is no longer being forwarded to us from this address. Our new mailing address is "PO Box 94706, Albuquerque, NM, 87199-4706.")

Cover & interior page of "Heart of Stone" tract

(Cover and interior page 6 artwork for the
Bill Corum "Heart of Stone" mini-comic
© COMIX35 and Crosswind Comics)

Crosswind Comics

Questions/requests may be submitted by



Postal mail:

Attn: Prison Project
PO Box 73706
Houston, TX

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