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Host a COMIX35 Seminar

Does your Christian ministry or publishing house want to...

Develop "Visual Storytelling" literature for your own culture in your own language?

Provide an environment where Christian artists and writers in your country can learn to produce effective comics books, strips, or tracts for evangelism and discipleship?

If so, COMIX35 may be able to help you. COMIX35 is the only ministry in the world which offers specialized comics seminars on a full-time, regular basis.

Since 1996 we have held over 40 events hosted by top Christian organizations around the world, including:

Word of Life Press in Japan
International Chapel Ministries in Japan
Mission Possible in Bulgaria
Mission Emmanuel in Ukraine
Misión Latinoamerica de México (MilaMex) in Mexico
Centre de Publications Evangéliques (CPE) in Ivory Coast
Wesley Institute for Ministry & The Arts in Australia
Pilgrim International in Australia
Christ for Native Youth/Western Indian Ministries in the USA
Leafline Initiatives in the USA
Lifewerks, Inc in the USA
United Bible Societies
YWAM's School of Cartooning & Animation for Missions
Magazine Training International

Hosting a COMIX35 seminar can benefit both you and the comics creators in your area.

COMIX35 seminars have connected publishers and creators which has resulted in new comics projects in a number of countries, some with circulations in the millions. Many shorter magazine comic strips and tracts have been produced as well.

The benefits to both the hosts and students continue beyond the seminar dates. Hosts can arrange for COMIX35 Faculty to stay after the seminar to address their own specific projects and publishing needs. (After that, COMIX35 staff are available for coaching and consulting to provide follow-up assistance on Christian comics produced by our hosts and students.)

Hosting groups or organizations provide the venue and cover only the travel and hospitality expenses of the COMIX35 Faculty. There are no additional fees or costs.

For more details, please contact us and request a copy of our "Hosting Requirements." (If you do not receive a reply within two weeks, please e-mail again.)

Please note that we enter into ministry partnerships or cooperative ventures, including the hosting of seminars, with organizations that agree with our Statement of Belief.

Thank you!

More Information

COMIX35 President Nate Butler with Greg Burgess of PJA, organizer of seminars in Cameroon (2012) and Ivory Coast (2014)
Word of Life Press, hosts of COMIX35 seminar in Tokyo, 1998
COMIX35 President Nate Butler with Andrey Dolganov of Mission Emmanuel in Ukraine, 2013

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Francophone Africa
U.S. Prisons
Native America

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A Christian comics ministry based on EXodus 35:30-35, COMIX35 has been offering international CONSULTATIONS, COACHING, and CLASSES on the production and effective use of comics-style literature since 1996.

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