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Feedback from Seminar Attendees
Québec, Canada 2011 (en français)

Tagaytay, Philippines 1996

"It was a success! Vital links have been formed. A big push has been generated toward using comics as an evangelistic tool. People have been equipped and motivated."
- Chito Mercado

Chito Mercado

"Very satisfactory. Resource artists are very accommodating and very eager to share whatever tips they can impart for the business/art."
- Cedric Sisson

"Very valuable information- First class."
- Tom Gaudet

"I had never imagined what a powerful tool for teaching Christian principles comics would be. I'm tremendously excited about this medium. It is going to make a huge difference in the materials we produce to teach people about Christian life-style and about the Church!"
- Pat VanAntwerpen

Mayette Manza

"It's a very refreshing conference: Enough time to think about what we're learning; very relaxed atmosphere."
- Mayette Manza

Atlanta, Georgia USA 1996

Yolanda Kelly

"It was not only a great experience in learning the tools of the trade in creating Christian comics but also a great Christian fellowship experience as well, especially the daily devotions."
- Yolanda Kelly

"It is a great way to meet ... professionals on a one-to-one personal level where they treat you like a friend/Christian brother or sister rather than just as a participant/student."
- Scott Minnigan

Don Ensign

"The instructors of this training courses love the Lord and love comics. A great combination."
- Don Ensign

"This was a spiritually enriching week."
- Jeff English

"If you like comics and you love the Lord, you should attend this. If your specialty is art, writing, publishing, or evangelism, or even if you're just curious, this is something you can use."
- Barry Evans

"I liked the focus of this conference. It was aimed at producing quality comic book art and stories with a Christian perspective."
- Chris Camarda

Erastus Smith

"Relaxing and informal, yet informative. This is a great opportunity."
- Erastus Smith

"You are doing a great thing-- keep it up! I'm very excited to go home and get started."
- Ray Tollison

"I really enjoyed this conference. It helped in better equipping me in my witness through art, and ... it was great to have fellowship with other Christian artists and making new friends."
- Brian Yount

Ani Todd

"The course showed me the direction on where I should go."
- Ani Todd

Tokyo, Japan 1998

Ayako Ogawa

"I've been dreaming about drawing comics for evangelism. And also been praying for other people who have same vision. So when I heard about this seminar, I was very happy. I enjoyed it very much. It was a rare and valuable opportunity to meet other people who have same vision. I didn't know how I could reach my dream. But now I'm happy that I have company, and we will be able to grow up together. God is good!"
- Ayako Ogawa

"I'm planning to write Manga in some Christian Media. I've already written some copy paper in "Seisho-Kyouiku"("The Bible Study"). But in Japan Manga has been seen as a sub-culture. Lots of editors and pastor didn't like to publish them. So I'm trying to help those people understand how Manga works for Evangelism. And your works are good examples for them. I'm really encouraged by them. Thank you!"
- Aiko Satoru

Masahiro Hotta

"I had good time with you. Thank you very much. And I was blessed and challenged by Jesus. I will keep drawing Manga for Jesus. Pray for me and my work for Japan. Because Japanese people love Manga, I think God will use Manga for us. God bless you and teach Manga again."
- Masahiro Hotta

Sydney, Australia 1998

Jane Dixon

"Info packed- Very relevant- Truly helpful for people working in a culturally diverse nation. I think the teaching transfers to heaps of cross cultural (pop culture) ministry."
- Jane Dixon

"What an excellent time! I hoped for a lot & I got more. The program was really well structured- Content was clearly imparted and done with a really motivating passion. I feel that I've been equipped with what I need to make a start."
- Ian Young

"It is a fantastic, potential filled vision you have. This short-term course is mission focussed. It is applying our artistic/writing gifts to projects that will impact specific target audiences for Jesus Christ."
- Ivan Smith

Pastor John Stasse

"A good 'nuts & bolts' course in using comics in Kingdom-work. Helped me see not only what is possible and desirable, but also encourages me to make it possible in my ministry."
- Pastor John Stasse

Arnold Espinola

"I really enjoyed it! I learnt so much- It's a lot of hard work (Indeed!) I liked the heart and passion that you have in serving God- Reaching out to people for Christ."
- Arnold Espinola
"It was mad (excellent)! It has narrowed down my very vague ideas about how to do a comic. It has given me the knowledge to be able to realistically apply my gifts to ministry."
- Reuben Owen

Hong Kong, China 1999

Eastman Ting

"Useful! Made me think a lot!"
- Eastman Ting

"It's very useful to me! Now I know how to write a story and how to draw a comic... I learned a lot from you and I want to say thanks! I won't forget you!"
- Matthew Yuen

"It was very cool... (my own comics project) is much more within reach than I thought."
- Josh Wong

"It is a great camp. I learned many things."
- Lo Tak Shing

"Thank you for your teaching on comics. Hope you can have another chance to come to HK and teach us more."
- Li Pui Yu Phoebe

Li Pui Yu Phoebe

Oradea, Romania 2000

Ionatan, Violeta & Afina Ille

"The training you taught was a precious and surprising gift. We have been given a vision, and a direction in this extraordinary area of communication. Your way of serving was for us an example worthy to be followed. We carry you in our prayers, so that you have success and blessing from God. In our whole work with the children we are more and more conscious how necessary is the use of professional comics."
- Ionatan, Violeta & Afina Ille

"I attended the COMIX35 comics training aware of the dynamics that a comic could have in spreading the Word; yet, as an amateur who really didn't know where to begin in the whole process of creating a Christian comic book. I was eager to learn and it was such a blessing to receive a wealth of information which was presented in a way that I, as a beginner, could understand, process and put into practice. It was more than just a seminar, it was just what I needed, interaction and dialogue in a friendly setting which welcomed questions and comments. The information offered has made a world of difference for me, given me a new understanding of how to tackle some of the basic, as well as complex challenges in creating a comic book."
- Geinene Haynes

Arlene Adams"I appreciated that it wasn't just theory, but that you have years of experience behind you where you have used all that you taught us. It was good to be 'walked' through all the steps necessary to produce a comic as some of them are not so obvious ... We appreciate your hard work and commitment, in being willing to travel round the world and share the gifts and experience that God has given you. We pray He will abundantly bless you for it."
- Arlene Adams

"I am very happy that I can use things that I have learned from you in my job and as a cartoonist as much as I am. May God bless you in your work. Thank you for what I've learned."
- Ovidiu Bindiu

Kiev, Ukraine 2000

Igor Agapov

"The seminar was brilliant. It stirred people, and I think we will reap much fruit."
- Igor Agapov, host

Cuernavaca, Mexico 2001
Mexico City, Mexico 2003

(Click here for comments in Spanish)

India 2003

India seminar #2
"The workshop was very good it was useful for us ... I have learnt that through comics I can share good news with the villagers and can tell stories to the children ... The seminar was very good. It will help me a lot in my social work ... This workshop was inspiring for writing, reading and drawing the stories with cartoons ... The workshop is really unique because it not only helped me to improve my artistic skills but also helped me to understand the overall media strategy to communicate Biblical message ... It is good to conduct comics workshop because many people read comics ... You have done a good job, I am grateful to the teachers and organizers ... It was a good seminar to discover hidden talents in us ... Comics are a good tool to communicate the gospel ... It was powerful workshop ... I have learnt to write stories ... I was not interested in drawing; the seminar inspired me to become an artist ... Participants loved interacting with teachers ... I have never thought that I will get an opportunity to participate in such a workshop."
- from various attendees at two separate trainings
Mexico City, Mexico 2005

"Congratulations to Nate Butler on such a special ministry that he is carrying out. May God bless him. The participation of (speaker) Carlos Sandoval was excellent..."
- Rubén Curiel Rodriguez

Rubén Curiel Rodriguez

Marissa Tello Matienzo

"I liked it very much."
- Marissa Tello Matienzo

"(There should be) a longer time for the course. I loved it but am sad to have to say goodbye so soon."
- Raquel Serna Garcia

Claymont, DE USA 2005

Becky Clark

"I loved the fellowship and true desire to help those cartoonists working toward God's goals. Keep it up, yo!"
- Becky Clark

"Great! Intensive, and I learned a lot. I was encouraged to really use comics for 'building the kingdom.' I recommend these seminars for Christian artists who want to use the gifts given them to make an impact on the world for Christ."
- Jonathan Bachman

"Boy, did God use that seminar to body-slam me. I have never been so convicted for the lost in my life. Thanks for letting the Spirit work in and through you and your associates."
- Joel Rayburn

David Chandler

"The seminar was very informative. Everything was explained in detail."
- David Chandler

Crikvenica, Croatia 2005

"Your teaching about comics opened a whole new world to me about incredible good way to tell children/people about God’s message. I have been for the first time in a comic class and I liked everything! I think you did the best job, in such short time, by teaching us about most important things how to make a good comic."
- Sandra & Benjamin Casni

Tavi Verlan
"From your seminars, I learned more about telling stories, how to reach the climax, about (setting up) the story problem, how the problem gets worse and the solution. The lessons helped me to be a better communicator, since, in a way, this is my job. I learned how to communicate powerfully with images, how to interpret images and words, how to approach a story, how to tell it more interestingly and more fun. I learned that fun, humoristic way to tell a story through images can be a very influential way to convey important principles and ideas. I also have learned how people respond to messages, in images or words and how to create interest in what I communicate. As a conclusion, I can say that the seminar helped me to have a fresh, more comprehensive view of the communication process. I wish to thank everyone involved in making possible this seminar."
- Tavi Verlan

"Thank you so much for your input at the seminar. I very highly evaluated your comics seminar. May God bless you."
- Elena Alenina

Sydney, Australia 2006

"Best conference I've been to in ages for networking, learning from tried & true pros, and being inspired by peers."
- Matt Baker

Matt Baker

"I really enjoyed all three days! I've learned so much and you've given me the practical tools so I can have a go at doing this myself. Thank you for organising and running it!"
- Karen Beilharz

"I'm a writer. I never thought I'd come away having put together a comic in the making!!"
- Wal Spencer

"Very stimulating ... Like a visit to a different planet!"
- Peter Inman

Peter Inman

Québec, Canada 2011
Danielle Boudrias

«Vous ne réalisez pas à quel point cette fin de semaine a eu un impact sur nos vies... J'ai eu, pendant ces quatre jours, cette impression d'expérimenter ce que sera l'éternité. L'émerveillement, l'amour, un même cœur, un même désir et la présence palpable de notre Roi des rois. C'était un grand privilège d'avoir des professeurs à la fois expérimentés, professionnels et oints de l'Esprit Saint. Nous sommes pleinement outillés pour aller de l'avant avec notre projet de BD. Merci, merci et merci !»
Danielle Boudrias

Miguel Canepa

«Avoir ces 4 professeurs, à la fois chrétiens et professionnels, a été d'une grande bénédiction et a été fortement encourageant. Chaque enseignement était complet et bien expliqué. Je suis parti du séminaire avec beaucoup de matériel et de notes pour produire ma BD. C'est un excellent atout duquel je bénéficierai au cours de mes projets personnels. Je n'oublierai certainement pas cette belle fin de semaine, qui contenait l'élément principal de tout ce qu'on fait: la présence du Seigneur!»
- Miguel Canepa

Marie-Pier Robert
«C'est déjà fini! Le séminaire sur la  BD a passé trop vite ! Les enseignements nous ont fait voir la BD sous plusieurs aspects et nous ont donné tous les outils pour devenir des vrais pros. Le séminaire m’a permis de découvrir ce fabuleux monde et surtout de l'utiliser comme outil d'évangélisation. Merci à Martine pour l'organisation et à l'église EVQ pour avoir soutenu ce séminaire».
- Marie-Pier Robert

"Thanks for all your hard work on the seminar ... it boosted me spiritually as well as helped me artistically."
Marie-Hélène and Byron Kobialko

«Ce séminaire a été très important pour moi. J'y ai été béni, encouragé, fortifié. J'ai rencontré au séminaire et au-delà, durant mon séjour au Québec, des gens formidables qui m'ont boosté et enrichi. Notamment l'équipe de EVQ. J'ai apprécié les contacts que j'ai eus, j'ai apprécié les cours des autres profs, Nate, Lisa, Eric. Je crois qu'on a fait une super team !»
-Didier Millott

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