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Coaching & Consulting Services

Meeting with New Life Ministries in Japan
Working on site at New Life Ministries in Japan
Meeting with ministry director in Ukraine

Does your publishing house want to produce Christian comics literature to reach your culture, but you require professional guidance to get started?

Has your ministry already begun a comics publishing project that is facing editorial or production challenges?

Do you have an existing comic series that needs polishing to improve reader response and sales?

If so, COMIX35 is available for coaching and consulting on your Christian comics, graphic novels, or tracts!

A Christian comics ministry based on EXodus 35:30-35, COMIX35 has been offering international consultation and coaching on the production of comics-style literature since 1996.

COMIX35 is available to work with your publishing house or ministry, either long distance or on-site, anywhere in the world.

Our Credentials

Nate Butler

COMIX35 President/CEO Nate Butler is our main coach and consultant. Nate made his living for more than 20 years as a cartoonist, commercial artist, and writer/illustrator of comics in the secular world before going into full-time ministry in 1999.

Nate produced artwork for clients such as Jim Henson Productions, DC Comics, and King Features Syndicate, as well as scripts for Archie and Marvel Comics. He has worked on over a dozen internationally known characters such as Jughead, The Muppets, Popeye, Heathcliff, Bugs Bunny, Mighty Mouse, Rocky & Bullwinkle, Animated Batman, Berenstain Bears, and more.

For 20 years Nate has taught classes on Comics Development to students representing over 50 countries across Asia, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and the Americas. He has gained the necessary understanding and cultural sensitivity to assist with the production of comics for other cultures.

In addition, Nate continues to attend international media conferences, seminars, and events hosted by other organizations – both Christian and secular – to keep himself educated in this field.

Nate Butler can apply all this knowledge and experience to help you with your own comics project!

Past & Present Projects

COMIX35 has advised or assisted on projects in a number of counties including Japan, England, the Philippines, France, Hong Kong, the Gambia, Peru, India, Australia, and the USA, working with organizations such as United Bible Societies, the Edge Group UK, the Josh McDowell Ministry, and Word of Life Press, the largest Christian publisher in Japan.

Nate Butler assisted Operation Mobilisation (OM) staff with Dorie the Girl Nobody Loved, a comic that OM's Greater Europe team has called one of their most successful publications in Eastern Europe.

Geinene Carson, Director of OM Artslink writes:

"The advice and training of COMIX35 staff helped 'The Dorie Comic' to develop into a tool that now has been translated into over 13 languages..."
'Dorie the Girl Nobody Loved'

Nate was also an advisor at the start-up of the PowerMark comic book series, as well as on an earlier PowerMark: Creation tract and a comic entitled Jungle Village: The Adventure Begins by the same publisher.

For 5-6 years, Nate assisted New Life Ministries in Japan with their very successful Bible manga (comics) series: Manga Messiah (Four Gospels), Manga Metamorphosis (Acts/Letters), Manga Mutiny (Genesis to early Exodus), Manga Melech (Exodus through the reign of David), and Manga Messengers (Solomon through the Prophets). The total number of copies of these books in circulation, including The Messiah (a shortened version of Manga Messiah), is now over 3 million copies worldwide. Manga Messiah has been translated into 22 languages with more in production.

'Manga Messiah'
Roald Lidal, General Director of New Life Ministries, writes:

"This project would probably never have happened if it were not for the invaluable input of Nate Butler. His knowledge of the needs and the potential of a biblically based manga product, as well as his experience and wealth of ideas have been a major reason for the great success of this project."

COMIX35 has assisted Kingstone Comics with the production of their titles such as the JOB graphic novel, THE LAMB & THE FUHRER graphic novel by Dr. Ravi Zacharias, and sections of the KINGSTONE BIBLE.
'The Lamb & the Fuhrer'

Prison Inmate Coaching

COMIX35 is also available to coach select US Prison Inmates on the production of "Personal Testimony Comics."

Please see our Christian Comics Tracts for Prison Inmates Project page for more details.

Tracts written and drawn BY inmates, FOR inmates

Comics Packaging Services

Primarily, COMIX35 focuses on assisting Believers in creating their own comics for their own cultures, rather than functioning as a producer of Christian comics.

However, we have the ability to develop comics and tract projects from the ground up for your publishing house or ministry, too.

Behold 3-D
Lifegate Comics Africana
The Good Shepherd
Hairy Polarity & the Sinister Sorcery Satire
The Dave Roever Story
Yun: The Illustrated Story of the Heavenly Man

COMIX35 President/CEO Nate Butler has written, edited, packaged, and/or published Christian comics such as Aida-Zee, Paro-Dee, Behold 3-D, and the graphic novel Yun: The Illustrated Story of the Heavenly Man, plus tracts for the ministries of Dave Roever, George South, and others.

COMIX35 has packaged five new 6-page comics stories for The Truth For Youth Bible for Dr. Tim Todd and Revival Fires Ministries as well as additional comics for international applications.

The Truth for Youth Comics
Dr. Tim Todd, President of Revival Fires International, writes:

"The Truth for Youth comic stories Nate developed for our ministry are absolutely powerful and making an eternal impact in the lives of young people all over the world."

Professional wrestler and Christian George South writes:

"Those 3 comic tracts you developed for me have been all over the world, from major wrestling arenas to the smallest high school gyms! For over 10 years I have shared over 100 tracts a week, the total number is one that only Jesus knows!"
George South: 'Who Are You Wrestling Against?'

Rates & Availability

Our rates vary depending on the scope of the project but are very reasonable. Please contact us for more information.

For all on-site visits, airfare and all hospitality expenses must be covered.

If you are a larger publisher, you might want to consider hosting a COMIX35 seminar as a way to bring us to your country to help you with your project.

Our schedule is quite full, and usually planned out several months in advance.

Please contact us right away if you are planning a new project or have a project in development and need assistance. We will make every effort to accommodate your production timetable.

Contact Us

For more information or to engage our services on your project, please contact us by e-mail or write to us via postal mail at:

PO Box 131465
Spring, TX
77393 USA

Thank you!

(Sometimes our travels may delay an immediate response to e-mail inquirires. However, if you do not receive a reply within 48 hours, please e-mail us again.)

Our Current Top Project Areas
Francophone Africa
U.S. Prisons

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A Christian comics ministry based on EXodus 35:30-35, COMIX35 has been offering international CONSULTATIONS, COACHING, and CLASSES on the production and effective use of comics-style literature since 1996.

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