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ICCC3: The 3rd International
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[2014 or 2015?]
The International Christian Comics Competition


Why Competitions?

Our early competitions played an important role in the formation of our P.I.C.S. Projects initiative, and we plan to continue these events as the Lord guides and provides. Our competitions should not be regarded as "beauty pageants" or secular media-style "promotional hype," even though prizes are awarded. As with all our other P.I.C.S. Projects they have been organized by COMIX35 to increase the production of media material that will help lead more people toward a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ as Lord, not just as an opportunity for entrants to receive a one-time prize. Prizes are provided as an incentive to produce more outreach-oriented materials, and COMIX35 considers the value of all prizes awarded to be a Kingdom Investment in the lives and ministries of the selected creators.

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A Christian comics ministry based on EXodus 35:30-35, COMIX35 has been offering international CONSULTATIONS, COACHING, and CLASSES on the production and effective use of comics-style literature since 1996.

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Reaching the Quebecois with The Gospel

Le Projet de bandes dessinées 100 % africaines - Fait partie des projets P.I.C.S.

Information on our Comics Tracts for Prison Inmates Project - part of our P.I.C.S. PROJECTS initiative

Information on our Cartoon Tracts for Eastern European Street Kids Project

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Christian Comics International is the original and most complete website dedicated to this specialized genre of comics, manga, manhwa, historietas, bd, hq, and komiks. It is administered and maintained by COMIX35 / ROX35 Media, Inc. as a ministry service.

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A 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization

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