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True stories from around the world that illustrate how and why these comics writers and artists have put their faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior!

Matt Baker
Joel Chua
Lisa Hutchinson
Ayako Ogawa
Kathleen Webb
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Matt is an illustrator from Australia. His comic "Cranky Bob's Sheep Parable" won Second Place in COMIX35's 2nd International Christian Comics Competition and appeared in the printed book. He was a presenter at the ANIMAX35 animation seminar in Sydney in 2007. His work has been published by the Bible Society in Australia, and he has also done coloring for Kingstone Comics in the USA.
Matt Baker


Joel is an illustrator and digital painter in the Philippines. He has been teaching Digital Coloring Workshops since 2003. Currently he is a colorist for Kingstone Comics. Joel's 4-page comic entries appeared in both the 1st International Christian Comics Competition and 2nd International Christian Comics Competition books published by COMIX35.
Joel Chua


Lisa is a manga-ka (comics writer/artist) from the USA who wrote and drew the Shelter of Wings manga. She taught at COMIX35 seminars in Delaware USA in 2005 and Québec, Canada in 2011. Lisa had a 2-page manga in COMIX35's 2nd International Christian Comics Competition book.
Lisa Hutchinson


Ogawa San is a manga-ka (comics writer/artist) from Japan. She was a student at the COMIX35 seminar in Tokyo in 1998. Her artwork has appeared in the JCCC comic book, and she was one of the winners of New Life League's original Christian Manga Contest in the year 2000.

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Ayako Ogawa's Personal Testimony Comic
Ayako Ogawa


Kathleen is a writer and artist in the USA, with many years of experience working for Archie Comics ("Betty and Veronica"), Focus on the Family ("Holly and the Ivy Halls" for BRIO magazine), and Gospel Light Publications. Her work has also appeared in Christian comics such as the Proverbs & Parables comics anthology, Aida-Zee, and Paro-Dee #1. She had a 4-page comic in the 2nd International Christian Comics Competition book.
Kathleen Webb

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