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152-page paperback book produced from the 2nd International Christian Comics Competition
36-page comic magazine created for Africans, by Africans in partnership with PJA (Publications pour la Jeunesse Africaine)

The significant success of our international competitions plus years of world-wide comics seminars positioned us to develop new special-focus media initiatives as another step forward in our mission to help Christians worldwide in the creation of their own evangelistic stories and messages.

We call these P.I.C.S. Projects because they are achieved through Partnerships, Invitationals, Competitions, and Sponsorships, as the Lord guides and provides.

The P.I.C.S. Projects listed below are underway, and some on-going projects were brought in under the P.I.C.S. Projects umbrella.

Details for new projects are posted when information can be made available publicly. (Some projects will not be posted due to local sensitivity issues.)

16-page comic created & printed in Mexico after the Spanish Christian Comics Competition
Ashes to Beauty
8-page prison tract produced in partnership with Daughters of Destiny

• COMIX35 developed a fourth tract for our Christian Comics Tracts for Prison Inmates project in partnership with Daughters of Destiny.
• COMIX35 produced a third tract, both in English and in Spanish, for our Christian Comics Tracts for Prison Inmates project in cooperation with Moody Publishers and Koinonia House® National Ministries, Inc.
• COMIX35 developed a second tract for our Christian Comics Tracts for Prison Inmates project in partnership with ChristSong Prison Ministries.
• COMIX35 worked with Crosswind Comics on the first tract for our Christian Comics Tracts for Prison Inmates project.
• COMIX35 and PJA (Publications pour la Jeunesse Africaine) produced three comic books for Francophone AFRICA, created by Africans, for Africans.
• COMIX35/ANIMAX35 and NEXT, Inc. held a Manga Messiah Video Competition to increase awareness of this graphic novel as a powerful ministry tool.
• COMIX35 teamed up with LMI (Literature Ministries International) to produce a full-color, evangelistic comic tract for pre-teen and young teen boys.
• COMIX35 and PJA (Publications pour la Jeunesse Africaine) have held three open Invitational events to produce three comic book anthologys for Francophone AFRICA.
• COMIX35 held an open Invitational event to produce a comic book anthology for English-speaking AFRICA.
• COMIX35 is continuing the on-going Invitational project of Personal Testimony Comics
The Christian Manga-Ka Contest for Japan [2011]
The Manga Messiah Video Competition [2008/2009]
ICCC2 : The 2nd International Christian Comics Competition [2007]
Animations for Web & Mobile Devices Competition [2006]
Concurso de Historietas Cristianas en Español [2006]
The Josh McDowell More Than a Carpenter Comic Competition [2006/2007]
The 1st International Christian Comics Competition [2004/2005]
• Financial contributors to the memorial fund for Susan Edwards Butler are helping to support the Testimony Tracts for Native Americans project.
• A financial supporter of COMIX35 sponsored the Manga-ka Contest for JAPAN in 2011.
• One of COMIX35's major donors sponsored the International Christian Comics Competitions in 2005 and 2007.

Our Current Top Project Areas
Francophone Africa
U.S. Prisons
Native America

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A Christian comics ministry based on EXodus 35:30-35, COMIX35 has been offering international CONSULTATIONS, COACHING, and CLASSES on the production and effective use of comics-style literature since 1996.

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